Collider Team

Char Hoyt

Curator & Creative Director

Char Hoyt is a Vancouver-based professional artist and curator. She graduated from Emily Carr University in 1997 with a Diploma in Fine Arts and completed her BFA in 2019 with a Curatorial Minor. Around 2007 Hoyt discovered a love for science and has used her paintings to explore some of the deepest mysteries of modern physics. She has expanded and honed her project management skills in the local film industry working as a Production Designer and Art Director on various projects since 2011. In 2015, Hoyt gave a public talk about the merger of art and science in her work. This pivotal moment led to her role as a co-founder of the Vancouver-based non-profit Curiosity Collider Art-Science Foundation that same year.

As the lead curator and creative director for the Curiosity Collider, Hoyt enjoys challenging herself to create new experiences for diverse audiences that communicate her passion for the connections between the worlds of art and science.

Theresa Liao

Community Relations Director

Theresa Liao is the Communications Coordinator for the Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of British Columbia. She is usually busy planning science conferences and public events, writing/editing research stories, running after physics summer camp kids, and managing the department’s website and social media channels. After work, she goes home to write about science outreach, communications, and women in science on her blog Science, I Choose You; she also helps with tech responsibilities for Science Borealis, a Canadian Science Blogging network.

She has 10 years of experience in science outreach, and attended the Banff Science Communications Program in 2012. Before her Science Communication career, she studied biochemistry and did research about Type 1 Diabetes for her Master’s degree.

Julia Amerongen Maddison

Development Director

Julia Maddison is formally trained in ecology (MSc, UBC Forestry) and informally practiced at sculpture, with an interest in complex adaptive systems, metaphors, and interactive embodied experiences. She hopes to make big interactive sculptures one day and admires Victoria’s Monkey C Interactive for their unique interactive public art projects. Julia co-created and assessed a forest-ecology-based educational computer game as part of her MSc, has presented a food-web themed sculpture at Curiosity Collider’s exhibition SPARK in 2015, and continues to create and share science-themed artistic projects. With experience in both assessment and creation of sciart projects, she is looking forward to expanding her portfolio and connecting with potential donors and sponsors who share CC’s mission and are enthusiastic about fostering the playful space created by artscience collisions. 

Shelley McIvor

Operations Director

Shelley McIvor is inspired by the human experience of science and technology—both in celebrating success and analyzing lessons learned. Since 2004, her international consulting practice has helped science and engineering-based disciplines bring relevant communication strategy and content to their audiences in a variety of corporate, government, private, and non-profit contexts. Shelley merges her BSc in chemistry and MSc in technical communication with a professional toolbox of multi-disciplinary techniques from a broad range of practices—technical writing, user experience and consultation, instructional design, project management, and quality assurance evaluation. Her experimental nature has led to nomadic work-life adventures in 40 countries over two decades. Home is officially Vancouver Island.

Collider Volunteers


Carlo Acuna
Social Media / Graphic Design


Patricia Angkiriwang
Graphic Design

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Social Media

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Josie Francis

Graphic Design

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Rachael Whitehead

Past Directors


Larissa Blokhuis
Arts, Culture, + Collections Director